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In this section, you may view the bloodlines of the following dogs and also various press information:

Credits and shows : www.myoutdoorstv.com Paul Fullers " Bird Dogs Afield" 

Trainning on grouse and woodcock with The Long Gone Setters ( 2 episodes )
summer, 2009
Spring, 2010...Northern NH Bird Dog Clubs Spring Trail...one episode
Spring; The making of a Champion, Fim about CH  Long Gone Buckwheat and his development. Interviews with Dave Hughes and myself concerning "Bucks" early development. Film of "Buck" running, pointing ( in the White Mountain Open Derby Classic ) and actually competeing.
Fall ; 2010 Hunting Grouse and Woodcock in NH with Dave Hughes and The Long Gone Setters.
This episode features Long Gone Zeena and 7xCH Long Gone Madison, actually hunting wild birds in Northern NH. See Madison pointing grouse the day before she competes in The Grand National ( and gets runner up for the second year in a row!).
Fall 2010: Paul shoots some footage of The 68th Grand National Grouse Championship. See CH Long Gone Boston compete and point birds, as well as many other dogs. I was Stake Manager of this event, so you get to see my fat butt too !!! Shot in the beautiful mountains of Northern NH.
All of these episodes are on  myoutdoortv.com  bird dogs afield  and were also shown on WZMY TV in Boston, Mass.
Good morning, Lloyd, Hope all is well with you my friend. I wanted to let you know that Bird Dogs Afield won first prize in the broadcast TV category for 2010 from the New England Outdoor Writer's Association. The episode was of our November hunt with Long Gone Madison. The award had nothing to do with my hosting or editing skills....it was all about the dog work. Thanks for allowing me to film that day. Paul Fuller

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  Two offspring of Ch. Long Gone Nixon. In a feature article - Summer 2009 - The Upland Almanac

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  2009 Christmas American Field Advertisment

  CREDIT: New Hampshire Outdoors ( televesion): "Hunting Woodcock in New Hampshire - featuring Long Gone Setters

 CREDIT: New Hampshire Outdoors ( televesion): "Field Trials in the Northeast - film of Spring Walking Trial, Northern New Hampshire

 CREDIT: Bird Dog Club (NH Public Television): "New Hampshire Outdoors"

  "Long Gone Sam"

 View picture and pedigree of Sam's Sire, "Exalted"

 View Sam's mama's, Sire, Hall of Famer, Ch. Turnto

 View Turntos' Sire, Hall of Famer, Ch. Commanders Hightone Beau

 All add up to our " Fountainhead"

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September 2015

Thanks for your time yesterday, hope we didn't get too much in the way. Shooting grouse/woodcock is a challenge for a lot of reasons. First are the birds (which are skittish or there may be long periods of time in between contacts), second are the dogs which usually have a defect (low tail, not stead to wing/flush, etc), third is the cover and how the light comes through (which is all over the map). You had plenty of birds in your coverts so that was solved, your dogs are the best I've seen so kudos to you for solving that, the rest is just light and God determines what He'll send us for the time. Grouse/woodcock image yield is traditionally low but I got some good ones that can be easily cleaned up. Here are two examples, just need to sweep out the red eye as I had to use a flash. I wasn't sure how long y'all were gonna be so I parked your truck in the shade to keep the dogs cool. Hope momma didn't mind a truck on the yard. I'm going to make an introduction to you and Tracey Lieske at Wild Wing Lodge in Kentucky. Hopefully you and Dave can put on a program for him, work some dogs after the snow flies, make a little money, and probably sell some pups. Because of the combined work I have done over the years (marketing and freelance writing) I've seen a tremendous amount of dogs, venues, handler/trainers and what you and Dave have is industry-best. I did have a bunch of ideas on my way home and would like to share them with you when we next meet. thanks again for having me and Joe, and good luck over the next few days.


Tom Keer
2015 NEOWA Excellence in Craft Award, Magazine/Hunting
2015 POMA Outstanding Achievement Award, Magazine/Conservation
2014 Best of Sporting Classics Daily
2014 OWAA Excellence in Craft Award, Magazine
2014 OWAA Excellence in Craft Award, Blog
2014 OWAA Excellence in Craft Award, Newspaper
2014 OWAA Excellence in Craft Award, Humor
2014 OWAA Excellence in Craft Award, Television/Video

From the Defending Grand National Grouse Champion Long Gone Buckwheat to his newly elected Field Trial Hall of Fame Trainer Dave Hughes, and from The Murray Family

Fall 2016


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